We sell our grass fed Red Poll Beef
We sell our pedigree heifers to other farmers
Red Poll beef is renowned and ours is excellent. This is the roast beef of Old England, grass fed, well marbled and hung for 3 to 4 weeks. It is certified organic, is considered a slow food as our cattle are fattened naturally, not pushed with corn. The meat is delicious and good for you. It is like a fine wine.
We sell our beef each month (except August and January) to customers who come to the farm to collect their order and also in local markets. We can courier our meat anywhere in the UK for £11.
Shaftesbury - 3rd and 4th Thursday monthly 8.30am - 1pm
Gillingham Country Market - 3rd and 4th Friday 8.30am - 11am
Wilton Country Market - 3rd and 4th Friday 10am - 11am
Tisbury Country Market - 3rd Saturday 10am - 11am
Our meat is hung and vacuum packed to order by our butcher at the Blackmore Vale Butchery near Shaftesbury. We can provide any cut and weight for you as long as you tell us by Monday.
Boxes of a variety of cuts are available for local or courier delivery at 5kg for about £70 or 10kg at about £130.
Red Poll Meat
Regular cuts and Prices per kg are
  • Beef burger £10.50
  • Beef sausages £10.00
  • Beef Skirt £9.45
  • Beef steak mince £12.30
  • Braising steak £12.30
  • Brisket £12.30
  • Diced Beef £10.80
  • Rump steak  £25.00
  • Savoury Meat Balls £11.30
  • Shin of beef £8.30
  • Silverside £16.90
  • Sirloin £33.30
  • Slow pot roast £12.30
  • Steak Strips £15.00
  • Stewing steak £9.45
  • Topside £16.90
  • Faggots £7.10
  • Fillet £44.00
  • Kidney £7.35
  • Ox cheek £9.60
  • Ox tongue £6.30
  • Prime mince £9.60
  • Ranch steak £17.50
  • Rib eye steak £27.00
  • Rib on Bone £15.50
  1. Steaks
    Fillet - the most expensive - can be cut to order or buy the whole fillet Sirloin - in steaks or as a rolled joint Rump - delicious on the barbecue or fried in a hot pan Ranch - the quick minute steak
  2. Slow Cook
    Braising - the quickest of the slow cooks Diced - ready to throw in your pan Stewing - takes a little longer Shin and skirt - best for more than 3 hours slow cooking
  3. Joints
    Topside - for the Sunday roast - or at any other time! Rib on the bone - very popular at Christmas Sirloin - the tenderest Slow Pot Roast - put it in a casserole
  4. Offal and Bones
    There is so much goodness in offal. Cheek, tongue, oxtail, kidney are popular. Our butcher uses the liver for faggots.
  5. Meat Boxes
    You can order a meat box selection or make your own selection. A meat box makes an excellent Christmas or Birthday present.
  6. Our Cook Book
    Our friend and helper, Fiona, is such a good cook that she has written a cook book especially for our Red Poll beef. Buy one for £8 or £10 including postage. Fill in the form below.
Our Cook Book
Red Poll Cattle are a British breed on the At Risk register. They are an excellent breed of cattle for both beef and milking but do not grow as big as continental breeds or produce as much milk. However, the quality of both meat and milk is better.
Red Polls are easy calvers, excellent mothers, long lived and friendly cattle. They are good scroungers on environmentally sensitive areas and thrive on limited pastures.
The Red Poll Cattle Society helps and encourages all those who keep Red Poll Cattle and there are regular meetings and herd competitions. Our Cools herd was nationally second to the Queen's herd at Sandringham in 2012 and has since received prizes for the southern area each year.
If you would like to consider keeping Red Poll cattle or adding the Cools genes to your herd, please do get in touch. We are delighted to show visitors our animals and open each year on Open Farm Sunday and for Educational Access.
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